What is IPC 498a?

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Indian Penal Code 498a allows a woman and her family to make a written false complaint of dowry harassment to the police which results in the husband, his parents and relatives being immediately arrested without sufficient investigation and put behind bars without bail. Even if the 498a threat is false, you are presumed guilty until proven innocent.

IPC 498a Expert Indian Attorney Swati Desai

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If you are facing a 498a threat or action in India and you reside in the United States, you need a 498a lawyer who understands how to alleviate the threat or exposure. Seeking legal advice from a lawyer based in the U.S. is an important step in protecting your interests. My clients benefit from this insider knowledge and a practical, creative approach to their case.

Facing a 498a threat or action is a terrible experience. Whether I intervene prior to the filing of a 498a action or after a 498a action is filed, it is imperative that you seek legal advice immediately.

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